School Partners


The work of Clemson’s Youth Learning Institute in schools throughout the United States and around the world puts it in a unique position to create partnerships that connect these schools to one another through quality, innovative school partnerships.

The purpose of these partnership programs is to create an environment where foreign students can experience life and learning in America for a month while providing opportunities for American students to learn about other cultures and perspectives from their foreign peers. The uniqueness of these programs is the combination of the resources that Clemson University, the host school in the US, and the overseas partner bring together to create an exceptional experience for everyone involved.
"This experience was great for our entire family. We will be the first on the sign-up list for next year."

– US Host Family

The Program Includes

  • Study in an American Classroom

    Study in an American Classroom

  • Cultural Experiences

    Cultural Experiences

  • Food


  • Live in an American Home

    Live in an American Home

  • Travel & Insurance

    Travel & Insurance

  • University Tour

    University Tour

How the Program Works

Live in an American Home

Live in an American Home

Students in the School Partners program will live with an American host family. These home stays are arranged by the partner school and provide students with a safe, enjoyable family atmosphere while they are in the US. Students eat all their meals and experience life with their host family. Students often say that experiencing family life in an American home is one of the most memorable parts of their entire visit. Many of the host families stay in contact with their students long after the program is over.

Study at a partner school

Study at a partner school

For four weeks, visiting students will attend classes with American students and experience life in an American school. All partner schools must meet the following criteria to qualify as a partner school:

  • Strong academic curriculum
  • Quality faculty and staff
  • Adequate technology in the classroom
  • Experienced international student office
Visit significant cultural & historical sites

Visit significant cultural & historical sites

South Carolina is located within easy driving distance of many famous US locations. As a part of the program, schools have the option of including some of these sites in their program. These locations include:

  • Washington, DC
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Charleston, South Carolina


The total cost is based on the US partner school that is selected and the optional trips that are added to the program. Please ask your school administration or partnering agency for details about the cost of the program.

See the spectacular

Blue Ridge Mountains

Located in the Southeastern United States, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer some of the most beautiful, unique scenery in the world. Students will experience “mountain culture” including delicious food, friendly people, and American Folk music.

Visit significant cultural & historical sites

"This program truly opened our eyes in a very tangible way to other cultures and other perspectives—something our young people will benefit from well into the future."

– US Host Principal