Global Connections programs are a combination of challenging academic sessions, innovative field experiences, and high-impact cultural exchanges.

With an emphasis on inquiry-based instruction, project-based learning, and cross-functional teams, the Global Leadership and Innovation Program develops leadership skills, social consciousness, and the spirit of innovation in tomorrow’s leaders. Our goal is to identify and develop young people with the capacity to positively impact the long-term social and economic prospects of their communities and contribute on a broader, collaborative scale to regional, national, and international projects.

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Founded in 1889, Clemson University is committed both to world-class research and superior classroom teaching. As one of the country’s most selective public research universities, Clemson serves a uniquely driven and highly accomplished student body. Clemson’s rank and international reputation was built on success in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and health but with more than 80 undergraduate majors and 110 graduate programs, there are plenty of opportunities and career paths to choose from.

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Experience Cutting Edge Technology

Our Leadership and Innovation Program includes an investigation of how various technologies are changing our lives and then allows students to experience these technologies first hand. Topics include virtual reality, genetics, robotics, digital literacy, renewable energy, 3D printing, engineering, and more.

  • Challenging Academics

    Each program is staffed by a dedicated group of individuals with years of teaching experience and distinguished service in their field. The challenging academic sessions are enhanced by rich, hands-on learning activities across campus and in the community.

  • Innovative Fieldwork

    Our partnerships with community groups and business organizations allows students to enjoy dynamic activities that complement the high impact learning experiences in the classroom. Students might discuss leadership with CEOs of major companies, work with local residents on community service projects, explore old ruins with a local historian, create a 3D model with industry professionals, or assemble a media presentation with an advertising agency.

  • Recreation & Cultural Exchange

    Each program includes time for recreation, tours, and cultural exchange. On any given night, participants may zipline* through the hills of the upstate, attend a theater performance or professional sporting event, complete a community activity with U.S. students, develop culinary skills with a local chef, or learn to play a traditional Appalachian instrument.

    *Adventure activities may have additional restrictions


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