Future Scholars

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents often have questions during trip-planning. We have answered many of them here. If you have other questions, please email international@clemson.edu.

What is the weather like in South Carolina?

Winters are generally cool with average daily high temperatures of 11-17 Celsius while summers are hot and humid with temperatures regularly reaching 30-35 degrees Celsius.

Will I have access to Wi-Fi at Future Scholars?

Yes, our campus and all learning sites have free Wi-Fi to allow you to complete assignments and contact your friends and family. Guidelines for the use of phones and other electronic devices will be given at the orientation session.

Will I need US dollars for spending money and how will I get those?

Your program cost includes all lodging, meals, and learning activities so you may not need additional money. However, if you wish to purchase snacks, gifts, or other personal items, you may want to have some additional money for spending. Most participants find that $50 USD is enough for the 2 weeks although you may want more if you plan to purchase items for friends and family back home.

It is easiest if you secure US dollars before you travel or at one of the airports you fly through, but International programs staff can also help you exchange money once you arrive.

What time should I arrive?

We understand that international travel and flight schedules are not always easy to predict so we help our participants find flights that allow them to arrive as close as possible to the start of each program.

Which airport should I fly into?

We recommend the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) as it is close and convenient to the Clemson campus and learning sites. A free airport shuttle is provided to participants using this airport. You may also consider using the airport in Atlanta, GA (ATL). Transportation to and from the Atlanta airport can be arranged for an additional cost. Please check with the International programs office before booking your flight and then once you confirm your flight schedule, you should send a copy of your itinerary to the YLI International Programs office at international@clemson.edu

What time does the program end?

Participants should plan to leave campus by 10:00 am on the final day of the program. If you are staying for the next session, you may remain on campus and the International Programs staff will be available to assist you throughout the weekend.

What happens if I get sick or become injured?

Medical coverage is provided through the Future Scholars program. There are also medical personnel on campus and at each of the learning sites to assist you with non-emergency medical care.

What is the required English level?

Our scholars come from both English and non-English speaking backgrounds. We do not require English Language Learners to submit any test scores but each participant should already have basic skills in the English language before the program begins. Upon arrival, each participant will be evaluated by our language facilitators to determine the appropriate level of instruction at Future Scholars.

What should I pack for the Future Scholars program?

A packing list and recommended items is available through the International Programs Office.

Where will I eat my meals?

You will eat most of your meals together with the rest of the participants at one of the campus dining facilities. When you are on a field trip, you will eat at an area restaurant. All meals are covered in your program cost.